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Mastermind Mentoring

6 month workshop

How the workshop is conducted:

5 days offline 24 hours with the faculty....generally hillstation is chosen and remaining 6 month live market practicals

Mentoring workshop has 6 main Module:

1)Gann Price action methodology

2)Gann Time Action Methodology

3)Option statregy based on Gann Methodology

3)Fundamental Analysis--key feature combining fundamentally good stock with Gann analysis

4)Risk Management

5)Algorithem Trading---We will set a algo desk for the starategy we are going to apply.With algotrading client can work on their statregy also

Support includes:

1 year Free software with all automated statregy

6 month live market support

Lifetime support and unlimited retake on webinar

Entry in like minded people group

Helping You to design automated statregy if interested in algo trading

Batch Start Date:1 st march

Investment:Call us

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