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Get All Essentials to Trade

Would you like to earn 4000-5000 daily?

Would you like to become better investor?

Would you like to fulfill all your financial goals?

Would you like to get systematic and consistent source of income? 


Path to Financial Freedom trading course takes you from the complicated world of Stock and Commodity trading  to simple techniques to earn systematically and consistently.You will learn strategy for intraday trading, swing trading and long term trading using technical analysis principle. 

In Path to Financial Freedom, you will learn the basic of technical analysis principle to gain profits by winning your trades on a more consistent basis. These popular techniques, taught in this trading course, focus on using chart trading to  clearly identify great trading setups not only for equity trading but in other trading markets as well, such as trading commodity, forex market.

What will I Learn?

  • You will have a systematic plan for your investment portfolio using Technical analysis

  • You will understand the use of  important support and resistance levels based onTechnical analysis theory.

  • A brief introduction on swing and intraday rules using Techniacl analysis action mechanism.

  • A proper risk management approach towards investment, long term trading, swing trading and intraday trading


​9:30 am to 10 am : Registration

10 am   to 12 pm : Session 1 

  • Who am I

  • What is MY capacity

  • Facts about market 

  • Risk management

  • Plan to achieve your goal

12 pm to 12 :15 pm : Break

12:15 pm to 2 pm : Session 2 

  • Basic of technical analysis

  • Strategies

Strategy 1 : strategy for Long Term

Strategy 2 : strategy for Short Term

Strategy 3 : strategy for Intraday

  • Importance of Price Action over Basic Indicator

  • Introduction to W D gann Principle

2 pm to 3 pm : Lunch break

3 pm to 5 pm : Session 3

  • Introduction to Square of 9

  • How Square of 9 is useful for intraday, swing and positional Trading

  • Question and Answer Session

  • Conclusion

Who is the target audience?

  • Anyone desiring financial freedom by learning how to trade Stocks and Commodity and seeking a more simplified approach to trading.

  • People who are tired of relying on many different complicated strategy and making losses in trading.

  • Anyone who is either new to the lucrative Stocks and Commodity market as well as those with more experience will easily be able to master one of the most effective trading methods used in trading Stocks and Commodity market.

  • Students seeking a more simplified approach to trading Stocks and Commodity by learning specific Technical analysis pattern that are frequently seen throughout each trading session. 

Nilesh Vector png.png
  • Nilesh Sarda, an Engineer, is trader by passion and profession .He has simplified Gann study for common man. Based on the studies a trader can predict tops and bottoms of market. He has simplified various mathematical calculations in easy language to interpret. Specially designed excel sheet for Square of 9, Gann levels, Range, are in ready format to trade in market. He makes sure, every man who has urge to learn, understands the concepts in very simple manner.

    Every script or commodity has particular orientation for square of 9. And its implication is explained very well practically in live market. Gann Square of 9, Gann ABCD patterns, Gann emblem, time projection, Gann angel, Price Overlays, squaring of price and time methods are explained in very simple language for Indian market in live trading.

  • Visiting Faculty in management colleges

  • Column writer for investment Magazine and Online portals

  • Trained more than 1000 participants to trade in market

  • Training practical approach to trade

  • W. D. Gann ---The Legendary Financial Prophet in the Early Twenties

  • To most of the technical analysts and financial traders, the name, William Delbert Gann, is well-known. Gann was one of the greatest traders in the early twenty centuries, who has extremely arcane trading analysis techniques and methods that based on ancient mathematics and geometry. Yet, as it was never unveiled explicitly, the theory of Gann is admired by most, but grasped by few. One of his important techniques, the Gann Square of 9, was said to be inspired from the structure of Egyptian and Indian temples. Unfortunately, the details of his theory are often kept in veil. Late comers are very difficult to grasp the essence of his techniques. To the surprise of the reporter, Gann stroked a return of 1000% on his trading capital. He had made a total of 286 trades in 25 market days, 264 times won and 22 times lost. The profit rate was up to 92.3%. During that month, the average interval between trades was only 20 minutes. On one trading day, he made totally 16 trades, 8 out of them are the reversal points of the intra-day market fluctuation.

  • According to Gann's friend William Gilley, "One of the most astonishing calculations made by Mr. Gann was during last summer [1909] when he predicted that September Wheat would sell at $1.20. This meant that it must touch that figure before the end of the month of September. At twelve o'clock, Chicago time, on September 30th (the last day) the option was selling below $1.08, and it looked as though his prediction would not be fulfilled. Mr. Gann said, 'If it does not touch $1.20 by the close of the market it will prove that there is something wrong with my whole method of calculation. I do not care what the price is now, it must go there.' It is common history that September Wheat surprised the whole country by selling at $1.20 and no higher in the very last hour of trading, closing at that figure." Based on number he predicted elections date; world war and so on

  • Gann Theory is only theory which predicts time and price. We try to apply this theory in Indian market in very very simplified manner.

  • The comprehensive blueprint covers all the trade secrets of my 12 years of trading experience where we’ll walk you through countless trade setups and examples so that we can approach the markets with the utmost in confidence

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