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Learning Of Wave

Understanding Of Wave

What is Wave Analysis

Why Wave Forms

It Is Technical Tools

Wave Pattern

Basic Structure

Wave Structure

Impulse Wave

Corrective Wave

Why 3 Wave Structure

3 basic rules for EWA

Impulse Or Motives Waves

Extension of wave

1st Wave Extension

3rd Wave Extension

5th Wave Extension

5th Wave Failure

Diagonal Triangles

Leading Diagonal

Ending Diagonal

Corrective Patterns


zigzag points to remember


Flat Correction

Points to remember

Complex Correction On Zigzag

Variation of Complex Correction

Complex Correction

Double ZigZag

Triple ZigZag

Double Flat

Triple Flat

Double Threes


Personality of waves

Personality of 1st wave

Personality of 2nd wave

Personality of 3rd wave

Personality of 4th wave

Personality of 5th wave

Characteristics of A wave

Characteristics of B wave

Charatcterstics of C wave

Importance of Divergence

use of divergence

Fibonacci and its Relation

Importace of Fibonacc Number

Why we should monitor Fibonacci ratios

What is Fibonacci Number

Fibonacci Ratios

Fibonacci ratios in impulse

Wave 2

Wave 3

Wave 4

Wave 5

Fibonacci ratios & correction

Wave A & B

Wave C

Importance Of Fibonacci

Points To Remember

Trend Line in Waves

Draw Trend Line Impulse

Trend Line Correction

End Of Trend Line

Trend Line Complex

Additional Guidelines Of Wave Formation


Wave Equality

Application Of Wave

how to trade wave - usefulness

How to Use Wave - Trade

Time Frame - Meaning

Correct Tme Frame

Stop Loss and Proft Taking

Current Degree

Correct Counts in Difficult Situations

Turning Points

Summery Motive Wave

Summery Correction

Summery Diagonal

Summery Zigzag

Summery flat


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