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Elite Gann Trader

Concept Introduction:

  • Types of 4 market bar

  • Gann swing chart

  1. Basic Gann swing plan

  2. Professional swing plan

  3. Advance concept— Multiple time frame swing charting

  • Square of 9

  • Support and Resistance

  • Target

  • Trading Plan Methodology

  • 2 dot system

  • Gann Waves

  • Gann ABCD pattern

  • Gann Emblem

  • Price Action

  • Gann Angel

  • Gann Retracement

  • Financial Astronomy

  • Risk management

  • Automation

How to Develop Your Trading Edge

  • Commit and choose to single trading strategy.

  • How to find a winning stock that matches your strategy.

How to get Your Personal Goal and Trading Plan In Sync

  • How to correctly integrate your resources into Your Trading Plan.

  • Commit to an Edge and Outline Your Trading Plan.

  • How to accept a Trading loss.

How to Convert Your Strategy into a List of Winning Stocks

  • Completing Your Trading plan Risk: Money Management, Risk , Entries and Exit.
    Combining your edge, Your entries, Exits and Money Management into a Plan.

Timing Cycle based on Gann Astronomy

  • Basic of Gann Astronomy

  • Time Cycle of different planet

  • 1. Long term time cycle for different planets

  • 2. Short term time cycle for different planet.

  • Time Cycle of different planet

  • How to evaluate long term trends in Stock market and commodity market

  • How to evaluate short term projections in Stock & commodity market

  • How to analyse pressure date for any stock and commodity based on aspects of planets.

  • Case Analysis: Nifty, Tata steel, Arvind Mill, Crude, Gold, Silver

Wave Analysis

  • Basic Concept

  • Impulse and Corrective Wave

  • Percentage calculation for Iintraday and Swing wave

  • ABCD Gann wave pattern

Money Management

  • Psychology of Risk Control

  • Stop loss exit

  • Trade Size matters

  • Record keeping profit/loss analysis

  • Design your own plan

  • Mind control Technique

  • Fundamental and technical combination for long term investor and retiring rich


  • Here is what you get with Elite Gann Trader

  • ➢ Live market mentoring program

  • ➢ 3 months live market mentoring and life time access to elite trader group

  • ➢ Unique mind control method to make you a great trader

  • ➢ Developing a psyche of a successful trader

  • ➢ Learn the entire trading and investment based on only one strategy price and time

  • ➢ Money management and risk management strategy to make you winner.

  • Be assured with 60%-70 % accuracy in trades, you will be in great profit. With 50 % accuracy sufficient for trading for living. With 30%-35% accuracy you are at par. With our system you will easily get 60%-65 % accuracy. 

  • Knowing what to do and doing what you know are completely different things. You will walk away with strategies that make you accountable to yourself so you have the self discipline to do what needs to be done. Practical Experience is the most valuable thing you can gain in this industry, which one we provide. 

  • Success is anything based on key principles- Instruction, Practice, Guidance and trading is no exception. Simply learning from seminar and books is not enough. It is important to practice.

  • A coach is essential for success. All of the best professionals have coaches regardless of their innate talents... Everyone needs guidance and constructive criticism to be successful from their coach. Traders are no exception.


  • No previous experience or software needed!

  • An open mind! People

People Who Will Be Benefited Are:

  • This is a comprehensive strategy for profiting from low-risk, high-probability technical entries on any chart interval.

  • Trader who is willing to commit for creating a simple analysis procedure and testing the system to ensure that they are consistently profitable prior to taking real trades.

  • Beginner, intermediate and professional stock, option and index traders in search of a method for consistently outperforming traditional investments and managing risk.

  • Day traders who have access to proper chart tools (covered in the course) and market access will be able to create a layout for consistently profitable trading.

  • Long-term investors in search of low-risk entries for positions in stocks, index, or commodities will benefit from learning how to analyze price.

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