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Become Master Of Bull And Bear

What Will I Learn?

  • Learn the only tactical method you will ever need.

  • Reduce and then eliminate the common mistakes that slowly drain your trading account.

  • Commit to one strategy and understand how to make adjustments to improve the edge.

  • Create an effective layout and procedure for finding Low-Risk, High Probability Trades in just minutes.

  • Learn how to make Money trading ANY Market and ANY Chart Interval with a unbiased view.

  • Define the proper goals that match your Resources, Experience and Education.

  • Explore the real secret of systematic price action based on Gann Methodology.

Are You Ready For A Major Breakthrough In Your Trading Profits?


  • A COMPLETE TRADING SYSTEM that will teach you how to control risk and set up one profitable trade after another.

  • A method for 100% winning in trading in any asset class.

  • A definitive 'How To' for trading stocks, Index and Commodity.

  • Many students cover the cost of the course in a few trades.

  • Instructor promptly responds to questions and forum posts.


You will acquire a trading skill which will enable you to consistently locate Low-risk, High-probability trades in any market that can be charted. Let’s create a bullet-proof plan that defines what you want to accomplish as a stock trader.


The more personalized your trading plan, the more conviction you will have.

Stock trading success is within your reach, but first, you need to take a critical step that most traders never take. You must make a commitment to a strategy ....One Strategy. This course will not only teach you key market dynamics and how to exploit price movement for profit, but it will also teach you: 

  • How To TRADE

  • How To Manage Risk

  • How To Handle Random Outcomes

  • How To Structure Your New-found Knowledge For Long-term Trading Success

In this step by step training course, I am going to show you how you can make consistent money trading stocks, Index, commodity or anything that can be charted. This is the secret to you finally experiencing stock trading success regardless of whether the stock market sinks or soars. You may think you have tried it all, or seen it all, when it comes to trading stocks. Yet, I can guarantee that you've NEVER seen anything like this before.


BECOME MASTER OF BULL AND BEAR quickly and easily allows anyone to find profitable stock trades in almost any market and any time frame. This radically simple yet effective stock trading system is the direct result of over 12 years of study and years of digging through the trenches to find what really works. This passionate research revealed specific price patterns that the truly successful traders use that are virtually hidden from the public.


Taking entry with highest risk reward, and now, starting TODAY, their success can be your success too. The profitable patterns, I studied and successfully implemented, give you the freedom to easily build a consistent profitable trading system. Now you will be able to win more trades and make greater profits, so you can finally take control of your financial future. You will learn the foundation of my Price Action Principle. This includes exact price patterns which can be used for profit in any market and any time frame...over and over again.

I will show you the only recurring price pattern setup you'll ever need to consistently make huge gains in the market. I will teach you exactly how to effortlessly manage all your trades. This includes the precise way to Enter and Exit every trade, so you can crank out more profits.. This has helped hundreds of traders build successful trading businesses and it will do the same for you too.

BECOME MASTER OF BULL AND BEAR would not be complete without teaching you exactly how to make money regardless of which direction the market moves. This is the KEY to long term success. Plus, I'll be revealing exactly how to find stocks that are ready take off like a rocket, so you can make more money faster.


Get started on your path to a profitable, stress-free stock trading lifestyle by signing up for this course NOW. And I’ve perfected a method for teaching you how to read a chart with the ease without much indicators! “You’ll see opportunities where most other people will not!”


Requirements :

  • No previous experience or software needed!

  • An open mind!

Curriculum :

  • Concept Introduction:  

  • Types of 4 market bar

  • Gann swing chart

  • Basic Gann swing plan

  • Professional swing plan

  • Advance concept— Multiple time frame swing charting

  • Square of 9

  • Support and Resistance

  • Target

  • Trading Plan Methodology How to Develop Your Trading edge: Commit and choose to single trading strategy. How to find a winning stock that matches your strategy.

  • How to get Your Personal Goal and Trading Plan In sync:

  • How to correctly integrate your resources into Your Trading Plan.

  • Commit to an Edge and Outline Your Trading Plan.

  • How to accept a Trading loss. How to Convert Your Strategy into a List of Winning Stocks Completing Your Trading plan

  •  Risk: Money Management, Risk , Entries and Exit. Combining your edge, Your entries, Exits and Money Management into a Plan.

  • Gann Retracement concept

  • Gann Wave concept 

  • ABCD pattern

  • SD1 and SD2 theory 

  • Advanced Square Of  9 concept

  • Gann emblem and angles

People Who will be benefited are:

This course is great for beginners who are still learning the financial markets.

This is a comprehensive strategy for profiting from low-risk, high-probability technical entries on any chart interval.

  • Trader who is willing to commit for creating a simple analysis procedure and testing the system to ensure that they are consistently profitable prior to taking real trades.

  • Beginner, intermediate and professional stock, option and index traders in search of a method for consistently outperforming traditional investments and managing risk.

  • Day traders who have access to proper chart tools (covered in the course) and market access will be able to create a layout for consistently profitable trading.

  • Long-term investors in search of low-risk entries for positions in stocks, index, or commodities will benefit from learning how to analyze price.

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